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Issue #1271 wontfix
Allan Stavely created an issue

In the shipping-method selector, the radio button appears even if there is only one choice. It's a required field, so the customer must click it to proceed. In this situation, it's not obvious that the little circle is a radio button at all!

Do other people observe this? I don't think any of my customizations could be responsible. You'll observe this only if your shop settings have "Hide if one?" and "Select least expensive by default?" both off.

This isn't a functionality killer, only an annoyance, but we don't want to annoy our customers, right?

I'm running tip circa February 9.

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  1. Bruce Kroeze

    I don't think this is a bug at all. This is exactly the functionality that "Hide if One?" is intended to address.

  2. Allan Stavely reporter

    Well, I suppose. I see that I can get the functionality that I want by selecting "Show description only" in "Hide if one?". But I don't see the usefulness of the behavior that I reported. IMO, if the selection is "No", the behavior should be like the current "Show description only", and there is no need for a separate "Show description only" option.

    Is there a plausible use case for the current behavior? Maybe I'm missing something.

    Anyway, thanks, Bruce!

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