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Hynek Cernoch
created an issue

Django 1.3 RC 1 was released. Final version can be released maybe next week in optimal case.

Satchmo produces several Deprecation Warnings with 1.3. They can be ignored, but better are small modifications of Satchmo and users application.

I think the oldest supported version is Django 1.2.1, since Jun 2010. (Recommended version is at least Django 1.2.3) Also we can continue without breaking anything and support two main Django releases again.

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  1. Hynek Cernoch reporter

    Basic support for Django 1.3 have been added in July 2010

    • Absolutely necessary is to upgrade django-caching-app-plugins (app_plugins) to version 0.1.2
    • A user code almost never calls a template loader directly, otherwise, it must be upgraded too to new loader.
    • Support for Django 1.3 requires some changes in These changes have been supported by 1.2, but not required.

    Without any change is Satchmo functional wiht Django 1.3, but stepwise produces warnings.


    With the file (attachment) and Django 1.3 all tests run with the same results as with Django 1.2.
    python test --settings=django13helper

    It prints code, what should be changed in that configuration so, that it can be evantually copy-pasted to

    I think that most of release notes Django 1.3 is automatically satisfied for Satchmo tip now or I checked doubtful.

    What else needs to be verified - from release notes Django (please help)

    • Loading of project level translation (Reasons why project locale should have an explicite path, if is used)
      Satchmo documentation: translation.txt: (inconsistency)
      "...make sure that your file has a LOCALE_PATHS variable defined (it can be a blank string)"
    • Changes to url - Old syntax fully supported, change it later. Think about the consequences for the user.


  2. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    In 2a5cd697c9b6 I added the ajax code for the only section of the default Satchmo site that uses it. I believe it is backwards compatible with pre-Django 1.3. There may be some additional places in the admin that will need it too.

  3. Hynek Cernoch reporter

    My slow development made apparently serious problems for new installations after Django 1.3 final. I have released fixes for known problems. I will not wait for declaring full compatibility with Django according 1.3 release notes.

    Fix: 9fb03d7baf18

    • Replaced deprecated values in skeleton.
    • Database settings are now a dictionary and they are almost necessarily in one file.
    • Added mentioned django13helper.
    • Also cleaned an old unused broken code in clonesatchmo.
    • Change in clonesatchmo, because if syncdb fails, more commands just muck a report without success.
    • Related documentation changes.
  4. Hynek Cernoch reporter

    This issue has been open groundless so long. It was not useful to develop a complicated temporary code for support of many Django versions that would be later hard maintained must be soon removed.

    The different defaults for PasswordInput (render_value=False) were automatically accepted by dropping support for old Django versions.

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