downpayment for custom products does not work

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Alexander Clausen created an issue

The documentation says:

"One unique aspect of the custom product is that you can elect to charge only a certain percentage at the time the order is placed. If you choose a percent downpayment then only that amount will be charged when the order is completed. If you choose 100%, then the entire price will be charged at checkout."

But actually, the whole price is charged on checkout, even though the reduced price is shown in the cart.

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  1. Alexander Clausen reporter

    I further tracked this down: the problem occurs in ``payment.utils.update_orderitems``. It copies the cart items to the order, and the prices are still ok (down payment is applied), but then it calls ``new_order.recalculate_total``, which sets the price directly from ``product.price_set``, and does not include down payment.

  2. Alexander Clausen reporter

    Attached is a failing testcase that demonstrates (at least part of) the problem.

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