Paypal payment module manage only "Completed" IPN calls

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Issue #1313 new
Twidi - S. Angel created an issue

The only ipn call managed by the paypal payment module is the one with the "payment_status" field set to "Completed"

Satchmo should also handle, at least, the "Reversed" status, when the payment is rejected, and eventually the "Pending" one, the first IPN call done after a payment.

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  1. Darwin Monroy

    This is true, because some times paypal set a "Pending" status on payments and then the orders never update the status.

    I'm experimenting this issue at this time on a customer's website.

    The problem are on payment/modules/paypal/ on line 125

    if not 'payment_status' in data or not data['payment_status'] == "Completed":

    A posible solution can be another field on settings page when the store admin can select all the payment status they want to accept. I will work on that next week and will send the patch. At this time i just modify that line to validate on "Pending" also.

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