Call to "unit price" for a variation doesn't include the delta added by options

Issue #1326 invalid
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Say i have a tee-shirt for 10$, and create options for sizes and add a 1$ delta for the XXL size. The i add a variation to my product, with this XXL size.

If i do "product.get_qty_price(1)", i got 11$, but with "product.unit_price", it says 10$.

I think it's because in "product.modules.configurable.models.ProductVariation._get_fullPrice", we try to use the parent price, and if found, we do not add the delta (this is done only if we have an "AttributeError")

I'm not sure if i can just add the delta to the returned price (because of the "satchmo_price_query" signal), so i won't provide a patch (but for my stuff to work i will add the delta to the returned price)

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