Is clonesatchmo a real shop, a building stone, or just a demo?

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lucy_brennan created an issue

I understand, that both the clonesatchmo and the manual process described in the Settings section can be used to set up a shop. But is 'good enough'? Or is it just a 'toy store'? Could I really build an entire shop based on the clonesatchmo setup, or is it unsafe, inefficient, limited, etc?

How do the 'pros' (those that live from building sites, and often make websites for clients with Satchmo) go about this?

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  1. scrapper

    dear lucy,

    to clone something means to copy it. if you clone a demo store ( if you copy a demo store ) what would you expect?

    beer number 3 right now :-) small ones ;-)

    greetings sc

  2. lucy_brennan reporter

    Also, I do not think that it is obvious. A wewbie understands that clonesatchmo produces a shop, but she might wonder if this is supposed to be built on top of, or if it is just like an example. Maybe clonesatchmo is just a quick and dirty demonstration.

    On the other hand, if clonesatchmo really makes a full fledged shop, ready to be expanded into a giant commercial book store, then why is the next section dedicated to a more manual installation? And why is the chapter presented with: "For the truly impatient". Maybe is super fine, and Installation is only there for completeness or for guiding the people who wants to know more. And that is a good idea.

    But the important thing here is, that for thisnewbie, these questions/answers are not obvious, and therefor imo should be answered in the documentation.

  3. scrapper

    Dear Lucy,

    I know its hard to start off. With time everything will get more clear. Right now I am searching for 5days, why my province/state section is not getting updated via AJAX. I guess its just a matter of one codeline. And I am searching for 5days now :-)

    I wish you the best and fast solutions!



  4. Former user Account Deleted

    Hey scrapper, Lucy is absolutely right. It's entirely unclear what clonesatchmo is for.

    Especially since it uses templates hardcoded into the satchmo source. You have this "demo" store but are being instructed to use it as a baseline. Write your own templates in the template directory -- etter not choose the namespace "shop" though! Because those are templates you can't even touch unless you dig around in site-packages. It is phenomenally stupid. this shouldn't be importing an app in site packages, it should *clone it.

    It is *not a clone. And yet give a snarky remark like: "dear lucy,

    to clone something means to copy it. if you clone a demo store ( if you copy a demo store ) what would you expect?"

    Another a-hole on the internet, giving snarky and incorrect information. Nice.

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    I agree with Anonymous. I am moderately familiar with Django, but am doing my first implementation with Satchmo. Clearly a lot of thought, time, and effort has been put into Satchmo development. However, there are some glaring shortcomings in the documentation, notably the absence of a few definitions that would tremendously help newbs, along with (apparent) imprecision in vocabulary use.

    Here's what I'm getting at (i.e., here's what confuses me):

    1) What are the entities that a developer will deal with / create to implement a typical ecommerce site? I see the words 'shop' and 'store' sometimes used interchangeably. At other times, it appears that 'shop' is used very specifically (i.e., to denote a specific part of the Satchmo implementation). Very confusing.

    2) How in the world does 'site' (as in 'localsite') relate to a shop (or is it a store?)? Since it appears that 'multishop' (whatever that is) is required to truly implement implement multiple sales venues, it at least superficially appears that, by default, people are only implementing a single sales venue. If so, why am I concerned about both a site and a store (or is it a shop?)?

    3) What do SHOP_BASE and SHOP_URLS do? Do I need to set them, or can I leave them alone? Does 'SHOP' refer to *my* shop (i.e., my store?) or does it refer to the satchmo/apps/satchmo_store/shop directory, or???

    4) Yes, what *is* clonesatchmo for? Just a quick and dirty example so I can see Satchmo run? Or is it a legitimate first step in bootstrapping a new site?

    I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining, as that isn't my purpose. Rather, I'm just attempting to provide some feedback as an outsider coming to Satchmo cold (though not without Djano experience). I know that all of this is boring, and perhaps seen as 'trivial', yet if the project's goal is to make Satchmo easy for people to adopt, the issues should be addressed in some way. As all this becomes clearer to me, I'l put together a writeup to share. Until then, any pointers that can help to clear up my confusion will be appreciated.

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