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scrapper created an issue

hello Chris,

Issue: we are going to add a _save_as_new button (which does already natively exist in django library to Satchmo adding product area in admin interface, for faster product creation through using already existing products and just modifying them and "save as new".

I told you I am going to make a patch. But there is an issue. I couldn't find Satchmo Code to patch :-). Its all located in the django library. But I am sure you are smart enough to tell me how to do it right.

So I will tell you what we have to do, its quite simple: In django/contrib/admin/templatetags/

-- line 35: 'show_save_as_new': not is_popup and change and save_as,

++ line 35: 'show_save_as_new': not is_popup and change,

thats it, and voila we will have a working _save_as_new button in our admin area.

So how do we do it? It works when we import all the django library into our project, but 20MB for one line is a bit too much. :-) Do you know how todo it right?

Please tell me.

Thx Chris


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  1. scrapper reporter

    If you do not find a solution how to add this to satchmo project, I guess the quickest solution is just to modify django library (This is what I wanted to avoid at first.) But for now I have done it that way and it works just fine. First I tried to override out of my project folder, but this did only work when i had the full django library copied to my project folder. - no good :-)

    Hope someone comes up with a better solution. Modifying the library is nasty.



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