Unsupported compressed egg packages

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Hynek Cernoch
created an issue

A problem has been reported in
http://groups.google.com/group/satchmo-users/browse_thread/thread/b9bc3e20076d6634 \
How I can reproduce it follows:

A package installed by easy_install to compessed .egg file is reported like
XYZ is not installed. by
python manage.py satchmo_check
python manage.py shell

import XYZ
works good

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  1. Hynek Cernoch reporter

    Django supports compressed egg packages only incompletely. Django ticket 6080 about full support of compressed modules is closed after long discussion with well-founded status wontfix.

    I found that one of currently unsupported features are Django management commands for packages installed to compressed egg.

    For django-registration I reported it and fixed in my clone of django-registration version 0.7

    Issue https://bitbucket.org/hynekcer/django-registration/issue/3/cleanupregistration-fails-if-package

    Evidence of the problem:

    $ cd .../store
    # A path to package is according the installation discussed in the user's forum.
    # Please update the path to your installation
    $ sudo rm -rf /usr/local/lib/python2.*/dist-packages/django_registration-0.7-py2.*.egg*
    $ sudo easy_install --zip-ok django-registration
    # ... (is zip compressed)
    $ python manage.py cleanupregistration
    Unknown command: 'cleanupregistration'
    $ sudo rm -rf /usr/local/lib/python2.*/dist-packages/django_registration-0.7-py2.*.egg*
    $ sudo easy_install --always-unzip django-registration
    # ... (is uncompressed)
    $ python manage.py cleanupregistration
    # ... (no output = OK) 

    Therefore compressed egg installation of django-registration is broken whereas uncompressed installation is ok.

    Fix https://bitbucket.org/hynekcer/django-registration/changeset/eedf14249b89

    The fix is based on adding the parameter zip_safe=False to setup function in setup.py of django-registration. I propose to use fixed django-registration clone by Satchmo, not pip default tar ball.

    A manual solution is to install django-registration with the option --always-unzip added after easy_install.

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