SettingNotSet: ('SHOP config group does not exist', None)

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Issue #1380 resolved
Samuel Marks created an issue

P:> --site=verynewstore

<output snipped; no errors>

P:\verynewstore> satchmo_check Checking your satchmo configuration. Using Django version 1.4 pre-alpha SVN-17202 Using Satchmo version 0.9.2-pre hg-unknown

The following errors were found: Unable to resolve urls. Received error - SettingNotSet: ('SHOP config group does not exist', None)

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  1. Hynek Cernoch

    Thank you. I reproduced it. It is related to Django 1.4 alpha and I have a patch.

    diff -r 1f01f208c262 satchmo/apps/satchmo_store/shop/management/commands/
    --- a/satchmo/apps/satchmo_store/shop/management/commands/
    +++ b/satchmo/apps/satchmo_store/shop/management/commands/
    @@ -89,6 +89,7 @@
             except AttributeError:
                 error_out("A CACHE_BACKEND must be configured.")
             # Try looking up a url to see if there's a misconfiguration there    
    +        from import Order
                 # The function urlresolvers.reverse has its own way of error reporting to screen and we have no access to it
                 url = urlresolvers.reverse('satchmo_search')

    This patch is only illustrative and should be not applied to trunk.

    I am sure it will be hard not "trivial" to fix it for Django 1.4 because it means that it can be also problem with some types of servers (probably fastcgi) and with some startup configurations. I will wait for Django beta before attempting fix it completely.

    Django 1.4 should not be used in production before this issue will be good fixed by Satchmo or by Django.

  2. Hynek Cernoch

    Some livesettings value have been used by but it was not ensured that definition of that value is loaded yet.

    Fixed by ae1f0cf97e3a

    I would prefer to set "put on hold" instead of "resolved", because I can think of many possible similar errors. Even with "put on hold" it will miss from the default list of open issues.

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