Inventory tracking bug in Paypal module.

Issue #1387 new
klein4 created an issue

When a user completes an order, the inventory gets deducted twice:

(1) As soon as payment is made, the IPN view
payment.modules.paypal.views.ipn records the payment, causing the signal to be sent, causing
the listener
to deduct the sold items from the inventory.

(2) When the user clicks "Return to <site>" on Paypal, the
payment.modules.paypal.views.success view again deducts the sold
items from the inventory.

This means that the inventory will decrease twice as fast as the items
in it are selling.

On a related note, why is the logic that clears the cart in the
success view and not the ipn view? What if a user never clicks the
"Return to <site>" link on Paypal? Clearly his cart should still be
cleared after his payment goes through.

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