Unselecting Variations in Variation Manager Cascade Deletes Order Items

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Issue #1392 resolved
Dave Napolitan created an issue

Unselecting a variation in the variation manager deletes (not deactivates) the variation and if that product has ever been purchased, any corresponding orderitems will be deleted as well - along with a host of other related objects.

The action of unselecting a variation does not "feel" like a delete and there is no warning or standard django "are you sure" message with a list of impending casualties. It seems that either a major warning interstitial page should be added, or this action should be a deactivation instead of a delete.

To reproduce:

purchase a Configurable Product's variant.

find that order in the admin

in another tab, unselect that variation in the Variation Manager

refresh order page in the admin - order item disappears.

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