Bad total_discount increment in force_recalculate_total in

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Issue #1395 new
Benoit Clennett-Sirois created an issue ends up being added twice IF condition on line 956 is True.

Not 100% sure why, but that's what it is.

For example, if you intercept the satchmo_price_query signal and add some custom adjustments, and combine this with a Satchmo Discount, then the total_discount value ends up wrong.

A simple fix to that:

take out:



938: total_discount += 960: total_discount += linediscount }}}

And just after {{{


972: fullprices.append(lineitem.line_item_price) }}} Add this: {{{


        total_discount +=


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  1. Benoit Clennett-Sirois reporter

    Sorry I don't have a patch, I have my own fork and those aren't the only changes in the fork.

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