Possible bug in template shop/multiple_product_form.html at url /quickorder/

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At the url /quickorder/ I got a Variable Does Not Exist error in
template shop/multiple_product_form.html, line 40 :

<td class="price">
{% if sale %}<strike id="fullprice" style="display:
block;">{{ product|discount_price:""|currency }}</strike>{% endif %}
<span id="price">{{ product|discount_price:storewide_sale|
currency }}</span>

The problem may be with storewide_sale variable, which appears undefined. Under this scenario, perhaps when there are no discounts offered, it appears
the {% endif %} tag leaves an undefined {{ product|
discount_price:storewide_sale|currency }} variable.

A traceback is here: http://dpaste.com/736596/

I googled the discussion group, and couldn't find this issue and
suppose that when you clonesatchmo, the data loaded in the new store contains some discounted products, and for that reason this bug may
have gone unnoticed in the past. I'm experimenting with Django 1.4
using the apps, and not using the store configured using
clonesatchmo.py. This error does not occur in an app when I do use the store configured by clonesatchmo.py.

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