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Issue #1418 resolved
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I downloaded 0.9.2 and installed all the dependencies and Satchmo itself. Every time I run, I will see "Invalid skeleton directory. Path should be /path/to/satchmo/projects/skeleton". So I digged a little and think the the change in starting from 0.9.2 breaks the clone script. Starting from 0.9.2, renames skeleton to satchmo_skeleton but the clone script is still searching for the old path.

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  1. Hynek Cernoch
    • changed status to open

    The problem depend mainly on the installation method. (version 0.9.2 is not imporant. Nothing relevant to this problem changed in Satchmo since November 2009.)

    • The method Quick Start works good because it copies the complete repository tree without renaming.
    • The method Installation also works good because it uses the command python /home/user/src/satchmo-trunk/scripts/ (not clonesatchmo installed by setuptools on many possible unexpected locations)
    • With other installation methods (though it is not possible to find the skeleton on any path relative to the script) should be used clonesatchmo --skel=absolute/or/relative/path/to/skeleton or $HOME/relative/to/home and it also works, but tilda expansion can not be expected (~/relative/to/home). It is probably the reported problem.

    TODO: rewrite clonesatchno? Django startproject is not better.

  2. Hynek Cernoch

    I wrote a patch pull request 60 for better code and messages. It was easy finally because if directory satchmo_skeleton is created, it is importable. Also the expansion ^~/ to `$HOME' is supported.

    Duplicate issue #1333.

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