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Issue #1431 resolved

Incorrect styles inclusion in templates/admin/index.html on Django 1.4

Jonathan Stoppani
created an issue

When installing the dev version under Django 1.4, the admin site is lacking a stylesheet.

The culprit is the overridden admin/index.html template which includes the admin/css/dashboard.css stylesheet using the deprecated admin_media_prefix template tag (see https://bitbucket.org/chris1610/satchmo/src/dcf713d66cf3/satchmo/apps/satchmo_store/shop/templates/admin/index.html#cl-4).

The code should be updated to use the new static template tag as in https://github.com/django/django/blob/master/django/contrib/admin/templates/admin/index.html#L4

Comments (7)

  1. Jonathan Stoppani reporter

    What about the following (not so clean) conditional switch?

    {% if STATIC_URL %}
    {% load static %}{% static "admin/css/dashboard.css" %}
    {% else %}
    {% load adminmedia %}{% admin_media_prefix %}css/dashboard.css
    {% endif %}
  2. Jonathan Stoppani reporter

    ...and that's not the only change, the url template tag has to be updated to the new syntax as well.

    Edit: As there is much more to be changed to be compatible with Django 1.5, I don't know if you want to keep this open or group everything in a single "Django 1.5 compatibility" ticket.

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