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Issue #1436 resolved

CartItem.undiscounted_unit_price() crashes on ProductVariations

created an issue

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a configurable product, use Variation Manager to instantiate ProductVariations
  2. Put one of the variations into a cart
  3. On the shell:



In [2]: from satchmo_store.shop.models import CartItem

In [3]: ci = CartItem.objects.get(pk=36)

In [4]: ci.undiscounted_unit_price()


A stacktrace is attached.

It's a simple fix, if I understand it correctly:

in product/modules/configurable/models.py:380 change

adjustment = get_product_quantity_adjustments(self, qty, parent=self.parent.product)


adjustment = get_product_quantity_adjustments(self.product, qty, parent=self.parent.product)

to match the call in the other if branch 5 lines up.

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