Trial prices not working for subscription products

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Issue #1443 new
Tomas Neme created an issue

When OrderItems are created at the checkout process, they are created with the right price by {{{payment.utils.update_orderitem}}} and {{{payment.utils.update_orderitem_for_subscription}}} but later on, at {{{Order.force_recalculate_total}}}, 'adjustments' are created for them, specifically at line 948 on the current codebase: and this process ignores the trial prices.

This renders the Trial price thing effectively useless

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  1. Tomas Neme reporter

    This was introduced in bcb26b853dfd, specifically, I don't understand this line:

    why is it if baseprice > finalprice or baseprice != lineitem.unit_price and not if baseprice > finalprice or finalprice < lineitem.unit_price or in general, why isn't lineitem.unit_price taken into account in that calculation? Shouldn't just the minimum of them all be used?

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