Add Product variation, saving returns an error stating that primary key does not exist

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Issue #1464 new
myowy created an issue

When using the Add Product Variation page, selecting options and "Save and add another" or "Save and continue editing" reuturns an error stating that key does not exist.

  1. Goto product.
  2. Click on Edit ConfigurableProduct.
  3. select option group and click Save and continue editing.
  4. click on "Add ProductVariation Add Variation" link in Variations section.
  5. Select option, add to Chosen options and click Save and continue editing.
  6. Get 404 with message "Product variation object with primary key u'xxx' does not exist".

For the last step, clicking on save silently takes you to Select Product. Clicking on "Save and add another" gives the same 404 page.

Using the latest Satchmo(dev), Django 1.4.1, and Python 2.7.

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