Variation Manager, update list does not work.

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myowy created an issue

Clicking on Update list in Variation Manager does not seem to save created variations. (I'm assuming that Update List is to save the selected variations.)

  1. Goto product.
  2. Click on Edit ConfigurableProduct.
  3. Select option groups and click save and continue editing.
  4. Click on link to Variation Manager link.
  5. Select a few variations from the right list. (Compiled variations.)
  6. Click on Update List.
  7. Notice that no updates have taken. Going back to the ConfiguredProduct also shows that no variations were added.

Note that visiting the variation manager after creating variations with the "Create all variations" check box in the ConfigurableProducts page results in those variations having a checkbox in the Variation Manager. (I have not tested deselecting those variations and clicking on update variation.)

Using the latest Satchmo(dev), Django 1.4.1, and Python 2.7.

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