Request to have current deficiencies listed somewhere on the wiki.

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Issue #1470 resolved
myowy created an issue

I would like to ask that a note be made somewhere on the wiki, (preferbly both in the bitbucket wiki and the official documents.) noting some of the deficiencies of the project.

So far I have encountered the following:

  • Unable to select whole categories for discounting.
  • Unable to create variations with the variation manager.
  • Unable to create individual variations. (Can only create variations when using the "Create Variations" checkmark on the Configurable Product page.)

I understand that the application is very complex, and greatly appreciate the work done so far. I ask for this note, so other developers can use the information to better educate themselves when rolling out an ecommerce store built ontop of Django.

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  1. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    I'm closing this one out. If there are specific bugs, let's use the issue tracker to try to get them resolved. I think this is a case of a configuration issue which I am not able to duplicate.

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