Signals not sent at order cancellation

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Issue #1479 resolved
dunric created an issue


having issue no signal sent after an order has been cancelled (deleted in an admin interface).

Tried to connect callback functions to order_cancelled and/or satchmo_order_status_changed signals but order removal won't trigger them:

from import signals as signals_shop


Above signal satchmo_order_status_changed gets triggered at order completion, however doesn't get when order is cancelled. order_cancelled is quite ignored.

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  1. dunric reporter

    By diving into sources I did figured out:

    • order_cancelled is invoked by order_cancel of Order model
    • order_cancel signal is not connected to anything by default
    • the signal I've had connect my handler to is django.db.models.pre_delete and check if instance is of type Order of shop.models anyway

    Marking as resolved.

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