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I might be completely missing it but the documentation is very good up to the point where I was having trouble from my pervious code which was the payment system. The documentation says to enable the module for Cybersource or enable it on the Admin Site. But I haven't found any model name or place I can enable Cybersource at the payment processor for the site. Can you give me the specific link if I am missing it?

"Satchmo can handle multiple ways of accepting payment. By default, you have a dummy processor that does nothing but accept payments. Obviously, you’ll want to enable one of the other modules before going live." What other modules? How do I do that specifically?

"CyberSource CyberSource operates similarly to TrustCommerce and If you register at the CyberSource Site you will get all the credentials you need to configure this module." Again where and how do i configure? I don't see any entry areas for configuration? If there is a module I need to add, where is it?

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