Too less max_digits and decomal places in Discounts CurrencyField

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Issue #1497 new
Dag Königrör created an issue

We always get wrong gross-values. So we changed the Discounts CurrencyField like this.


    amount = CurrencyField(_("Discount Amount"), decimal_places=2,
        max_digits=8, blank=True, null=True,


    amount = CurrencyField(_("Discount Amount"), decimal_places=4,
        max_digits=10, blank=True, null=True,

If you come accross, let me now so i request for pulling.

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  1. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    Do you need a migration for this as well?

    Also, do you have a test case that shows the error so I can look into it some more.

    Otherwise, feel free to send a pull request. I'll take a look at it.

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