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Add the TrustCommerce payment gateway to the list of payment modules.

TrustCommerce is Open Source (LGPL), and comes with helper interfaces in various languages, including python, ruby, PHP, Perl, etc.

The python interface is an official/avaiable Debian package (python-tclink).

This ticket proposes to make TrustCommerce a standard Satchmo credit-card payment gateway, in addition to AuthorizeNet.

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  1. joe reporter
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    1) I uploaded the developers guide in HTML format.

    2) There is a built-in usable test account hardcoded in to the "main" (for testing) part of, along with the passord. This lets you process all the test transactions listed in the dev guide.

    3) Regarding the HTTP POST fallback - I thought about it, but here's what the TC dev guide has to say about it:

    This method should only be used if a TCLink client install is not an option. It
    does not have the failover capability (and thus the processing uptime is not
    guaranteed to be 100%), or some of the enhanced security features of TCLink. In
    addition, transactions may be slightly slower [...]

    So I figured this just wasn't needed, since it's really only intended for people that have no ability to import or install the python tclink code.

    If anyone still needs it, I would propose adding it as a separate module, perhaps trustcommerce_post or something.

  2. joe reporter

    Note that this will require a change to, somthing like this:

    #    'satchmo.payment.modules.dummy.dummy_settings',
    #    'satchmo.paypal_settings',
    #    'satchmo.authorizenet_settings',
    #    'satchmo.google_settings'
  3. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    The patch looks pretty straight forward. It's very similar to so I think this will be a great addition.

    I'm planning to wait until we merge in the configuration branch before I commit this. I'd also like to have a test account (which i have requested).

    One question, should we have a fallback to use http post if the appropriate trustcommerce libraries aren't available? I realize it's not ideal but the flexibility would be nice & not terribly difficult to implement.

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