Issues with ProductVariation.get_fullPrice

Issue #204 resolved
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I encountered an issue when uploading Satchmo to Dreamhost using Python 2.4.1, I posted an issue on [ Satchmo Users]. which I thought I should follow up here.

Product.get_fullPrice does not always return a Decimal, which causes the ProductVariation.get_fullPrice method to issue a TypeError when concatenating decimal and string objects.

Funnily enough this runs fine using Python 2.5

Reported by MikeHowarth

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  1. Anonymous

    Using the interactive shell running Python 2.4

    from satchmo.product.models import ProductVariation variation = ProductVariation.objects.get(product=1) print variation.unit_price

    This will throw a type error:

    TypeError: cannot contatenate 'str' and 'Decimal' objects

    This is generated from the following line in ProductVariation.get_fullPrice.:

    return self.parent.product.unit_price + price_delta

    Following the code back to the Product object the root of the issue is probably in the get_qty_price or _get_qty_price methods not returning a Decimal object.

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