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I have developed a payment module for the BankPass Web on-line credit-card processing system. It is a widely-adopted service in Italy, as a result of being developed and marketed by the association of Italian banks (i.e. the folks who own a sizeable portion of the country).

It depends on a library I wrote. The whole library is not necessary, but there is a lot of shared code between what you need to process purchase requests/responses (and that's what Satchmo needs), and what you need to process backend requests/responses, which happens via sort of a hybrid REST+XML API.

The whole thing is available at .

Do you think it should be reworked for inclusion with Satchmo, or it can be included as it is, or it should stay in its own separate module?

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    You're welcome! I re-licensed it as BSD; I'd hate to miss the chance to give something back to Satchmo, as your project is proving to be so useful to me.

    As for integration with other systems, I'm inclined to leave it as an API for those who want to write their own management software and use it in Python (possibly with Django, Zope or anything else). I think it can be a good idea to keep it separate; integration should be quite easy for anyone.

  2. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    Thanks for working on this library. I did not look at all of it but noticed that it is licensed under the GPL. If you wish to keep it licensed as GPL, then we'd have to have it as a separate project with instructions on how to install in Satchmo.

    The other thing to consider is whether or not you plan to keep making improvements to this & integrate with other systems or if Satchmo will be it for now.

    Right now, I'm inclined to keep it as a separate library with details on how to integrate. It might be easier to update and maintain that way.

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