MultipleObjectsReturned with L10N AdminArea Abbrev "AE"

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Former user created an issue

It would appear that the order sidebar throws a MultipleObjectsReturned exception when a customer checks out with an "AE" address because l10n_adminarea contains four entries with the abbreviation "AE":

  • Armed Forces Africa

  • Armed Forces Canada

  • Armed Forces Europe

  • Armed Forces Middle East

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    This bug blocks military customers from checking out. My fix was to delete the four admin areas mentioned above and create one "Armed Forces" with abbreviation "AE". I don't know if those more specific areas are necessary in any other way, but I think they're probably not in this context.

  2. Richard Jelte

    Just giving this issue a bump.

    Selecting any of the Armed Forces options gives an "Invalid State or Province" error message, but they are still being included in form.state and form.ship_state

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