Auto stock refill - placing purchase orders for sold stock to suppliers

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When enabled this module will work in one of two modes.

1) At the end of day will check which items were sold and will place a purchase order to suppliers of sold products to refill the stock to specified amount.

2) Each product can have minimum stock threshold. When reached a purchase order will be placed to product supplier to refill to a specified amount.

Reported by yazzgoth

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  1. Wai Yi Leung
    • changed version to tip
    • changed milestone to 1.0

    This is a very business case specific logic.

    For point 2, we can have a model change to implement that. Point 1 is very specific.

    I suggest:

    1. adding a field qty_low field in product.models.Product, specifying the minimum amount of stock before action
    2. optional field to specify Supplier
    3. example listener for product.models.Product (on update, hook in logic for product(sub)types)

    If someone is interested, i'll write a patch for this.

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