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Issue #374 resolved
Former user created an issue (why isn't this a wiki page?)

"Ensure .../ has" {{{ AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ( '', ) }}}

"If you want to see the admin interface ..."

no longer works, per

not really sure what should be fixed, the, or how to get to the admin. or maybe I am missing something.

Reported by CarlFK

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I think this is something of a "design bug" really, can't make up my mind if it's Satchmo or Django though but I think AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS isn't meant to be used this way. It more or less expect and other "source" for the username and password.

    I am also divided about the benefits or using the email as 'login', in place of a username. I can see the benefit in some shops, especially those who have a high turnaround of customers. However, people change email as Madonna changes shoes...

    This not said though with itention to start a discussion about it here ;-)

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    hmm, i missed "autogenerated username - You need to use this username...admin" How does the admin created at syncdb time log in if django's auth isn't used? (seems email-auth doesn't stand alone too well, which I think I saw was a goal)

  3. Former user Account Deleted
    • changed keywords to auth

    Component: Documentation :)

    Also, I don't get how satchmo's email auth is spozed to work. which is probably also a doc issue. my guess is to use the user's email address for username, but I get "Usernames cannot contain the '@' character." did the patch break the email auth? or maybe this never worked? sorry for the bug-unreport but I don't know what works looks like, so kinda hard to say it doesn't work.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    What is it that's not working for you? The above allow you to use the email as login, instead of username. In other words, it replaces username for email in the login form. If you have both this and django's default in AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS you can use either username or email as login, alternatively remove the one you don't want.

    This might need some more docs though.

  5. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    With current trunk and both these entries, here's how I use it:

    - I can sign up for an account on satchmo and log in using my email address - A new user account is created in the User model with an autogenerated username - You need to use this username to log into the admin site. - You can use this username or the email address to log into the satchmo store. The most common use case would be for someone to user their email address

    Hopefully this makes sense.

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