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Issue #446 resolved
Former user created an issue
  • Backwards incompatible change: adds "addressee" to !AddressBook model -- not every order will be billed to or shipped to the contact making it
  • Backwards incompatible change: extends sizes for streets and postal codes -- users who need more space to represent the data complain loudly
  • Backwards incompatible change: !AddressBook stores the iso2 country code -- no need for 50 spaces
  • Backwards incompatible change: removes max_length on notes -- 100 characters is arbitrary and too short to be useful
  • Adds bill_country_name and ship_country_name as properties to an Order to easily access the name to be used on shipping label, packing slip, etc
  • Modifies the contact information editing forms and templates to include the "addressee" change complete with jQuery love
  • Updates invoice, packing slip, shipping label, and email confirmation to include the new data
  • Minor fixes in the PDF templates


Reported by jag

Comments (4)

  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I'd like to suggest the inclusion of two field in AddressBook:

    • ''number''. Some applications need this information separated from the street name. Why do not have a field for this?
    • ''additional''. Some addresses require additional info (apartment number ...)
  2. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    Now that trunk is more in sync. Would you mind updating this patch? I think some of these changes were incorporated but I'm not sure that they all were.

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