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I am not sure people would be interested in this my version. Except some geeks form Canonical (Ubuntu), who wrote me for it. I've started with python last month and this payment module is my second piece of script.

I've got this version to work only to the point where the shopper shows the money (just enough to make it work). Customer is than redirected to the Worldpay success page, because my satchmo success page returns to Worldpay just an error at this point.

It is badly usable. It leaves the order as Temp even if it's paid and it does not send my custom "order_complete.txt". The problem is with the success view/URLconf I couldn't get to work.

After the payment is processed, WorldPay will ask for the success page as I set in the Worldpay interface "" with the following:

{{{ POST /shop/checkout/worldpay/success/?msgType=authResult&installation=214035 HTTP/1.0 Content-Length: 879 Host: User-Agent: WJHRO/1.0 (WorldPay Java HTTP Request Object) Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=ISO-8859-1

delvAddress=myaddress&testMode=100&authCost=4.90&currency=GBP&address=myaddress&countryString=United+Kingdom&installation=111111&fax=&countryMatch=S&transId=7777777&AVS=2001&amountString=%26%23163%3B4.90&postcode=WW111WG&msgType=authResult&delvCountryString=United+Kingdom&tel=00447+857+309+211&name=Frantisek+Malina&desc=Products&transStatus=Y&delvPostcode=WW111WG&cardType=Visa&delvCountry=GB&lang=en&transTime=1216766165783&authAmountString=%26%23163%3B4.90&authAmount=4.90&ipAddress= }}}

But the response of my shop is either 404 (without the custom success view) of 302 (with my broken success view).

302 looks like this:

{{{ HTTP/1.1 302 Found Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 23:57:37 GMT Server: Apache/2.2.3 (Ubuntu) Vary: Cookie,Accept-Language Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Location: Content-Language: en-GB.utf-8 Content-Length: 0 Connection: close }}}

For this reason the order is still left at temp (instead of pending), it won't send my custom email order confirmation and won't display thank you page on my domain. Worldpay needs to take care of it instead. It will send the confirmation e-mail and display the default WorldPay thank you page. I need to set order to pending as I check the payments in Worldpay.

It works but it is very crummy. '''If you could get the success view to work for Worldpay request, that would be a complete job.'''

You can download the current version at []

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