add basic paypal "website payments standard" support

Issue #45 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

I put the checkout files in shop/views/paypal along with an file, but of course it doesn't matter where they are.

This is enough to get the correct order and price to PayPal (who only want the billing address if you are using a credit card for the first time - otherwise they won't ask for duplicate info). It doesn't clear the cart, which is intentional. I'll add a paypal IPN (instant payment notification) module later in a new ticket. I think that I'd rather have the IPN script clear the cart, since there is no reason not to use IPN that I can see.

Reported by jshaffer

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  1. Anonymous
    • changed milestone to 0.6

    Moving to milestone 0.6 - I don't know when I'll be back on my normal machine with my notes for this.

  2. Anonymous

    I notice that this module now works using the new payment module system. I see some opportunities to factor it out a bit differently, but otherwise it seems to work properly.

  3. Anonymous

    This could probably be done without duplicating so much code. I'll look into that after I do IPN.

  4. Anonymous

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