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Product dimensions currently are displayed as follows: Length, Length units, Width, Width units, Height, Height units,

Wouldn't it make more sense as? Length, Width, Height and Length units

You can safely assume that noone will want to use two different metric systems or different metrics on one product, nor even on one site.

Anyway people either use metric system or imperial system to enter the data. You set this in settings, so the select don't have to be in the interface at all. Just a text saying what measure to use, will do.

Furthermore, the European technical standard for product specifications is milimeters, not centimeters. I don't think anyone would want to use centimeters in product specs. Although the centimeter is closer to an inch, milimeter is an established product specification standard.

Does it make sense? I like to interfaces simple. Not having to make unnecessary choices streamlines the cognitive processes and creates flow.

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