Enabling show_empty setting for Categories

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Within the satchmo_category.py
templatetags file is an option for "show_entry." I set that to False
(should this be a setting somewhere outside the code?) and the empty
categories are not returned, but the active categories are not
obtained/formatted correctly. Here's an example

Baseball:Pitching Machines
Football:Football Helmets
Soccer:Field Equipment

The category_tree that gets returned is:


as if Baseball were the parent category and all of the categories
under it are children. The relevant code is below. Any help would be

def recurse_for_children(current_node, parent_node, active_cat,
child_count = current_node.child.count()

if show_empty or child_count > 0 or

current_node.product_set.count() > 0:
temp_parent = SubElement(parent_node, 'li')
attrs = {'href': current_node.get_absolute_url()}
if current_node == active_cat:
attrs["class"] = "current"
link = SubElement(temp_parent, 'a', attrs)
link.text = current_node.translated_name()

    if child_count > 0:
        new_parent = SubElement(temp_parent, 'ul')
        children = current_node.child.all()
        for child in children:
            recurse_for_children(child, new_parent, active_cat)

def category_tree(id=None):
Creates an unnumbered list of the categories. For example:
<li>Science Fiction
<li>Space stories</li>
<li>Robot stories</li>
active_cat = None
if id:
active_cat = Category.objects.get(id=id)
root = Element("ul")
for cats in Category.objects.filter(parent__isnull=True):
recurse_for_children(cats, root, active_cat)
return tostring(root, 'utf-8')


What I ended up doing to make it work was to add the "show_empty = False" argument
from the calling function, so under

def category_tree(id=None):
for cats in Category.objects.filter(parent__isnull=True):
recurse_for_children(cats, root, active_cat, show_empty=False)
return tostring(root, 'utf-8')

Reported by jroynan

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