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Issue #530 resolved
Former user created an issue

I've been experiencing some difficult to put satchmo running with my customers and developers.

Trying to fix it in a simple way, I've make a quick installer.

Perhaps, in a future moment, this could be merged in the project.

If so, please comment any bug or enhancement.


Just config your db in qs_settings.py and run quick_satchmo.py

Observation: This script doesn't look for any dependencies, everything should be already installed. (In the future, I can change it)

Reported by nicholas

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    This ticket is most likely no longer valid given the drastic changes to Satchmo's layout in the latest version of Trunk compared to when this quick installer was created. Satchmo is pretty easy to install now with the module-reorg branch checked in.

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