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    few comments:BR - do not use old classes (pt object as parent class)BR - there are no verification if limit is really an integer, plus it is first forced to be str, and then converted to int, same goes for parent_idBR - why to define two tags when everything can be done within one with parameters?BR - why do you have CategoryContext? I do not see where it is being really used: you have terminal property in CategoryTreeNode, which is never usedBR - comparing to None is done by "is" operatorBR - as of django 1.0 pre, you can simplify your code having one filter(parent=parent_id), when parent_id is None, proper sql code (is Nnull) will be rendered.BR

    Last but not least, when you have a <ul> list generated by current tag, you can make it horizontal, with proper css code, so not always extra code is needed to achieve it.

    Hope, that those comments will help you.

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