Notes are not shown on user contacts or orders

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Former user created an issue

There's a very useful field on database of contacts (=notes) and orders (=notes) but it's not shown to users when ordering or filling its contact informations.

Please add it to the forms, if it's possible.

Reported by aronchi

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Notes need to be private otherwise you don't have anywhere to make notes that a customer can't see, especially when you need to make a notation about a bad customer.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I think an order should have a notes/comments field for the customer to provide any additional shipping info (e.g., "no signature required", "leave on porch", etc.) or whatever.

    Perhaps the Order object should have notes_customer and notes_private fields, with notes_customer being added to the order form.

  3. Alessandro Ronchi

    Notes are attached to orders, so when an user makes an order that field it's empty and can be filled with user custom needs.

    I've added that in our shop, and it's correctly saved on db, but when the system sends the email the note field is empty also in shop email notification (it's not a security needs, because it's sent to the shop).

    I need that to let users get a particular document for companies sellings, but when they fill up the form it's not sent into email and the shop doesn't know the contents if the admin page it's not checked manually.

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