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Issue #672 resolved
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Satchmo does not scale well when it comes to Order and Contact management in admin panel.

Large number of customers (User and Contact models) is loaded every time to drop-down widget when Order or Contact model is being managed by admin.

Other problem is Order list grouping by Contact, which has completely no use in larger shops and leads to high resource usage.

The attached patch does two things: * introduces autocomplete Ajax field on relation of Order to contact and of Contact to User * removes Order filtering by Contact

The outstanding question is code license. Most of this implementation comes from here:

I'm going to ask the author if we can use the code.

Reported by emes

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  1. Jannis Leidel

    Hi, I'm the author of the weblog article and happily share the code with you on the basis of Satchmo's license (BSD). But I wonder where you actually list the contributors?

    I'd like to propose to list all contributors in the AUTHORS file and having "Copyright (c) Satchmo Project and individual contributors." in the LICENSE file.

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