USPS Invalid Country Name for UK

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Unfortunately it appears that USPS can not follow iso standards so many of the country names in l10n will not match for international shipping with usps.

I have a patch for a workaround but the patch only contains the mapping for Great Britain. The idea here is to map the three letter iso3code that the user chose as their country with the appropriate usps country name and use that. If it doesn't find a match then it will try to use the printable name. There are probably many others that don't match, perhaps as people find them they can fill in the dict until usps gets their act together.

Reported by jmather

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  1. Hynek Cernoch
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    Please - Easy fix: but not suited for me:
    If anybody can briefly read purpose of ISO standards for post address and upgrade new countries, it would be nice and sufficient.

    I am sure that the original "printable_name" "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" is not a preferred form for any shipping company not only for USPS but also the name with parentheses around "(Great Britain)" proposed in the patch can not be a reasonable requirement. It is to condider whether the "name" column with "UNITED KINGDOM" is not the best form. The "printable_name" is rather good for a school repetition of general education.

    The attached patch is a hotfix needless and too poor for trunk.
    The second part of it: Usage of 'smart_attr("weight")' instead of plain weight has been fixed in January 2009.

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