Multi-shop confusion: product from one shop belongs to a category from another shop

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If a product having one "site" value (shop1) belongs to a category having a different "site" value (shop2), then that product disappears from both sites, unless that product is "featured". BR BR A featured product will appear on the home page of its own site (i.e. shop1), even if its category points to a different site (i.e. shop2). However, should that featured product be clicked on, the detail page will appear having navigation links back to the category page as well as the home page. If the category navigation link is clicked on, then a list of products that belong to the category's site (shop2) appears, even while the featured product does not (in other words, a list of products from shop2 appears on shop1's website, while none of shop1's products appear; clicking on shop2's products inside shop1's website, however, does produce an error message).BR BR This error can be induced in several ways:BR 1) Assign a newly created "featured" product to an existing category, but give that product a different site than that of the category.BR 2) Change the site of an existing product to a different site, leaving other products and categories of that site unchanged.BR 3) Change the site of an existing category to a different site, as well as the site of at least one of its existing products, but leave at least one featured product unchanged.BR BR Any of the above scenarios could easily be induced by a user who forgets which site he or she is working with. In other words, the admin user interface requires a user to play close attention to what sites products and categories belong to, without providing validation for simple errors or offering visual cues as to valid selections (this is especially difficult in the category selector in the product admin page, where categories are listed without reference to site at all).BR BR A related problem is that "related" products are selected on the product admin page without relation to the "site" concept. A product can be related to other products belonging to multiple sites other than that on which the given product appears.

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    This problem is not limited to featured products; it can also be induced if the product has been recently added. If you click on the recently added link, all recently added products appear, regardless of whether their categories belong to the site. If you click on these products, the navigation link behavior described above is induced. I am willing to assume that the same applies to "most popular" products and "best sellers".

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