Configurable Product Variations Showing Unavailable

Issue #766 invalid
Jason Christa
created an issue

In detail_configurableproduct.html this statement satchmo.variations = {{ details|as_json }};, details is not populating with the product variations after I buy a product. So if I have variations A, B, and C. Once I buy A I cannot buy it again but B and C are still available for purchase.

The hack I have in place is in product.utils, as the first line in the productvariation_details() function I put rebuild_pricing(). I figure there is probably a better way to address this bug.

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  1. Bruce Kroeze
    • changed status to open

    I cannot reproduce this on the trunk.

    Started the "simple" project, and bought a small/black Django Rocks shirt. Went back and was able to add the same product to my cart again.

    Please confirm if you can still reproduce.

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