Use a get rather than a filter in the ProductManager get_by_site() method

Issue #832 resolved
Andre Miras
created an issue

In Satchmo 0.8.1 and also in trunk, in product/ we have: {{{


def get_by_site(self, site=None, **kwargs):
    products = self.by_site(site=site, **kwargs)
    if len(products) == 0:
        raise Product.DoesNotExist
        return products[0]


Using Django validation would be cleaner and also better for tracking database corruptions.

Below is what the function should look like: {{{


def get_by_site(self, site=None, **kwargs):
    if not site:
        site = Site.objects.get_current()
    return self.get(site = site, **kwargs)


So that it will raise MultipleObjectsReturned if we get more than one product matching and Product.DoesNotExist if no product match.

Patch attached.

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