Change satchmo.VERSION to work with hg

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Issue #833 resolved
Chris Moffitt repo owner created an issue

Satchmo's current version function only works with svn. We need to update it to work with mercurial.

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  1. Hynek Cernoch

    Necessary condition to display the revision number is to use an alternative installation method described in the note section 2 installation instructions .

    An alternative to running the install is ensuring that /path/to/satchmo/apps is on your python path. You may do this by placing a symbolic link to the source, adding a .pth file that points to your /satchmo/apps location or modifying your PYTHONPATH environment variable.
    Hmm.. This text is for experts who can do this yourself without guidance.

    I added a note to because this is very important for new contributors. I did not know very long time, how to accept new changes without running installation script repeatedly :-))

    Please make corrections and remove eventually the point that this replaced.

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