Product inheritence causes infinite recursion

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Issue #838 open
Nathan Ekstrom created an issue

If you inherit from the Product object there are several places where infinite recursion occurs.

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  1. Sébastien Fievet


    Recursion bug still happens to me. I'm using subclassing for custom product (e.g., class MyProduct(Product)).

    I've attached a patch to solve this issue : instead of using hasattr that use recursion to find an attribute/method, lookup into class.dict.

    I run the products tests, and everything is working fine for me.



  2. Hynek Cernoch

    @Sébastien wrote:

    instead of using hasattr that use recursion to find an attribute/method...

    Function hasattr uses no recursion but heredity. Did you created dědičnost statically or dynamically? I hope that Python does not allow a class, which is itself somehow an ancestor.

    Are you sure that cause of infinite recursion is not in your code? It would be a pity just to spoil a nice code. Do you have a short reproducible example? (Very simple class MyProduct and created several products from the command line.)

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