No way to modify ContactInfoForm from the account details form

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Issue #872 resolved
Carlos Perelló Marín created an issue

I need to add an extra field to the Contact model but I don't have a way to show such field in the Account detail form so the user is able to edit it.

I know about payment.signals.payment_form_init signal which is exactly what I need, but for the account details form. Could we add such signal so I don't need to rewrite the whole view?

I don't think I'm the only one wanting to extend Satchmo in this way, my concrete use case is to add a vat_numer field.

Please, confirm that you would accept this change and I will provide a patch so it doesn't require many time from your side.


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  1. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    If I understand your question correctly and you just want to add a new signal - that would be fine.

    Please post the patch and we will look at it.

  2. Carlos Perelló Marín reporter

    Yes, I just want to add a new signal. However, I was also trying to confirm that there is no other way to do what I want to do, to add an extra field coming from my own model linked with a contact model, to the account details form so I can show its value to the user and get modifications from him.

    I will work on the patch to add the new signal tomorrow.


  3. Carlos Perelló Marín reporter

    Here you have the initial patch.

    This is my first contribution, so I'm not sure about the procedures to follow to send patches... I hope this one is good enough.

    If you prefer a Mercurial branch url, I could provide it too.


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