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Issue #877 resolved
J.A. Roberts Tunney created an issue

I got the following error trying to run the example sites "large" and "simple" using the bundled sqlite db.

It seems like the "is_active" field wasn't added.

{{{ OperationalError at /admin/product/product/ no such column: product_category.is_active

i checked out tip today (Aug 15 2009)

$ hg identify 745c3a8f4090+ tip }}}

Solution: ALTER TABLE product_category ADD is_active bool;

I ran django_extensions' sqldiff feature to check if anything else was missing. It seems like the only differences might be max_length:

{{{ ./manage.py sqldiff product payment shop registration \ supplier tiered productratings purchaseorder \ tieredpricing upsell wishlist BEGIN; -- Application: product -- Model: Category ALTER TABLE "product_category" ADD "is_active" bool; -- Model: Product ALTER TABLE "product_product" MODIFY "slug" varchar(255); -- Model: ProductPriceLookup ALTER TABLE "product_productpricelookup" MODIFY "productslug" varchar(255); -- Application: shop -- Model: Config ALTER TABLE "shop_config" MODIFY "phone" varchar(30); -- Model: OrderAuthorization ALTER TABLE "shop_orderauthorization" MODIFY "transaction_id" varchar(45); -- Model: OrderPayment ALTER TABLE "shop_orderpayment" MODIFY "transaction_id" varchar(45); -- Model: OrderPendingPayment ALTER TABLE "shop_orderpendingpayment" MODIFY "transaction_id" varchar(45); -- Model: OrderPaymentFailure -- Table missing: shop_orderpaymentfailure COMMIT; }}}

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  1. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    Yes, I'll need to update the demo databases with the new is_active flag. Thanks for catching this.

  2. J.A. Roberts Tunney reporter

    Also I think the shop_orderpaymentfailure table was missing and it might be a good idea to add admindocs to installed apps.

    I'm noticing a few other little things here and there. It's probably pointless for me to make a bug for every little non-critical thing I find in tip.

    I'm new to satchmo so I'm not familiar with how you guys like to get work done... so would you prefer if I maintain a fork or should I collect any regressions I find in a patch and post it all at once when I'm done poking around?

  3. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    It would probably be easiest to fork satchmo and just let me know when you have some bug fixes and I can then pull them in.

    Thanks for the help.

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