Tutorials on using Satchmo (for the common folk)

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Jason Ashby
created an issue

Hi, I mentioned something on the Satchmo users group the other day about having step-by-step tutorials on using Satchmo, for less tech-savvy people. I was showing a just-built Satchmo store to a client, and she had trouble adding products and product variations and was asking if a tutorial with screenshots existed. So I created one for her on adding products, that others may find helpful.

Attached is Adding a Product to Your Satchmo Store.

A few notes: it is in in Word format (.doc). might be nicer to export as pdf, or even better, in a web page.
we're running satchmo 0.8.1, so the screenshots may not apply to newer versions (?) I tried to generalize it, but was really aiming it towards my client who is running a baby products store. I skipped steps and fields to keep things short and simple.

Maybe this is helpful to someone, or could get others started on adding more step-by-step tutorials for the layman.

Thanks all, Jason

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