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I added FlatPageSitemap to\ satchmo/apps/satchmo_store/shop/views/\ to cause pages made using 'django.contrib.flatpages'\ to be included in sitemap.xml\ 2 changed lines are marked with ! on the left\ {{{

from django.conf import settings from django.contrib.sitemaps import Sitemap from django.core import urlresolvers from product.models import Category, Product from import get_satchmo_setting ! from django.contrib.sitemaps import FlatPageSitemap

class CategorySitemap(Sitemap): changefreq = 'daily' priority = 0.6

def items(self):
    return Category.objects.by_site()

class ProductSitemap(Sitemap): changefreq = 'weekly'

def items(self):
    return Product.objects.active_by_site(variations=False)

class MainSitemap(Sitemap): urls = []

def items(self):
    return self.urls

def add_url(self, location, priority=0.5, changefreq='weekly'):
        'location': location,
        'priority': priority,
        'changefreq': changefreq,

def location(self, obj):
    return obj['location']

def priority(self, obj):
    return obj['priority']

def changefreq(self, obj):
    return obj['changefreq']

def satchmo_main(): base = get_satchmo_setting('SHOP_BASE') rv = urlresolvers.reverse urls = ( (base + '/', 1.0, 'hourly'), (rv('satchmo_contact'), 1.0, 'monthly'), (rv('satchmo_cart'), 0.5, 'monthly'), (rv('auth_login'), 0.8, 'monthly'), (rv('registration_register'), 0.8, 'monthly'), (rv('auth_password_reset'), 0.8, 'monthly'), ) sitemap = MainSitemap() for url in urls: sitemap.add_url(*url) return sitemap

sitemaps = { 'satchmo_main': satchmo_main, 'category': CategorySitemap, 'products': ProductSitemap, ! 'flatpages': FlatPageSitemap, } ~~~~~~~~ }}}

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