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Issue #916 resolved
Andre Miras created an issue

In both trunk and Satchmo 0.8.1 order_complete.txt and order_placed_notice.txt look the same as 90%.

For the stores we are running we want to keep some consistency between those two, therefore I've done an implementation inheritance so these two files now inherit from a base one.

For our shops I have created only 3 blocks ("header", "content" and "footers"). But I suggest you to cut it as per paragraph so overriding becomes easy.

So as we have: {% trans "Items Ordered" %} {% trans "Contact Information" %} ... ... {% trans "Total" %} {% trans "Payment" %}

I would do a block for each one of them in the order_base.txt email template. {% block "items_ordered" %} {% block "contact_information" %} ... ... {% block "total" %} {% block "payment" %}

I would also add the blocks {% block "header" %} on top ("Hi...") {% block "footer" %} for the bottom ("Regards...")

I can submit a tested (from a blank Satchmo copy) patch later.

Solving this issue also resolves #915

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