Product-model-refactor branch - Price Change with Option Group not working

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Issue #93 resolved
Chris Drew created an issue

Using the changeset [539] on the product model refactor branch, I can't get the price change option to work properly in the admin interface.

If I go into Change Option group and try to enter a price for an option item, it does not get saved.

Existing prices entered from the sample data work fine but if I try to change one of the values, nothing gets saved.

I haven't looked into why it's not getting saved but wanted to capture the issue while it's fresh on my mind.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Wouldn't something like this be more appropriate?

    class Meta: unique_together = (("optionGroup", "value"),)

  2. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    I think the problem is in the save method for the option.

        def save(self):
            #Combination of optionGroup and value must be unique
            if Option.objects.filter(optionGroup=self.optionGroup, value=self.value).count():

    If the price is being modified, it's exiting without saving.

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